Brief by Sean Robinson


The heir to the kingdom finds their greatest enemy on their doorstep. To save the day, the heir must gather their allies and find the ancient relic that will drive their enemy away.

Setting / Context:

In a High Fantasy world, the protagonist is a member of an ancient line/ people. Peace has ruled over the land for generations, allowing for great works of beauty, technology, art, music, and magic to become commonplace.

Theme / Premise / Purpose:

Self-sacrifice. The giving up of personal goals, or items, or needs, for the greater good.


• It is the eve of the protagonist reaching their majority. They are named heir of the kingdom.
• The Great enemy attacks in the middle of the night.
• The protagonist watches their parent(s) die
• The protagonist is captured, the motivation of the antagonist is revealed.
• A Quest Giver is also imprisoned with the protagonist, who informs the protagonist that an ancient item is the only way to thwart the antagonist and the protagonist must find it.
• The Quest Giver sacrifices themselves to allow the protagonist to escape
• With the help of allies, the protagonist finds the item
• The protagonist questions whether they are meant to be the heir / questions the quest
• The allies sacrifice themselves to retrieve the item
• The protagonist takes the item and confronts the antagonist
• Hijinks ensue
• Happily Ever After (maybe).

Emotional Arc

Protag is Care-free | Protag is devastated | Protag is reckless | Dark Night of the Soul | Protag kicks ass


A – The protagonist, heir to the kingdom
B – The antagonist, the ancient nemesis of the kingdom
C – The parent(s) of the protagonist
D – The quest giver
E – The side kick(s) and ally(ies)


The Antagonist seeks to gain control of the kingdom/empire/people. Their reign represents the antithesis of the ethics of the protagonist’s people. The protag doubts their overall quality of being the heir to the kingdom, and must find their personal power, sacrifice their own desires, to become the person the people need to save the day.

Stories by
Sean Robinson
Karolina Fedyk
Sandi Leibowitz
Rob Francis
Paul A. Hamilton