Author of “Child of Flowers” (High Fantasy)


How long have you been writing? Do you write genres other than speculative fiction?

When I was in fourth grade, I wrote a story called “Almore and the Gods” about ancient Egypt. Does that count? I wrote my first novel when I was sixteen (all the cool kids were doing it) but I didn’t start writing professionally until 2014 or so, when I started submitting stories for publication and decided to get a MFA in Creative Writing. I write a bunch of things, including Poetry and Creative Non-Fiction. But my poetry and CNF are written under a pseudonym.

What are some of your literary influences and aspirations?

Influences? Cheesy 80s fantasy. McCaffrey and Lackey, McGuire and Valente. I would like to out-publish Seanan McGuire. That is very unlikely (because wow, that’s a lot) but it’s good to have dreams, right?

What is your typical writing process? Outline or seat-of-the-pants? A quiet room or a lively café? Music and coffee or tea and silence?

I’m a pantser when I’m writing, for the most part. I have ideas or know where the plot’s going, but I don’t outline. I need music when I’m writing. I have a half-dozen “writing” Pandora stations. I like to people watch, but have recently been hiding in the university library (where I teach, and have an office…but I wind up in the library).

What keeps you going when the writing gets hard? What bring you joy? 

I write to translate the world. When things are tough, or awesome, or whatever. I can’t–not–write. I like going back over old stories when they’re old enough for me not to hate every word. I like reading my stories as a reader after I’m done writing them.

What are you working on right now? And which of your stories would you recommend to someone new to your work? 

I’m sending my novel Cooper Chant out, looking for an agent. It’s part of a planned quartet. The second book is done, and I’m working on the third one now. I usually write a lot of short stories, but this year, it’s been novels all the way down. My story at Daily Science Fiction – “A Year and a Day” — is a good place to start. All my stories available online are on my website, feel free to take a look.

You can read Sean Robinson’s story in Metaphorosis magazine, “The Snow Queen’s Daughter”, for free online.

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